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Caraway’s Prepware Isn’t Just Pretty, It’s Also Durable — Here Why It’s Worth It

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Caraway’s lines of cookware and bakeware have garnered rave reviews from my fellow editors, as well as celebrities like Tan France, who has his own collection with the brand. We even spotted the glam Iconics cookware collection in Sofia Richie Grainge’s kitchen in a Vogue video. The brand is known to make the most stylish nonstick cookware on the market without compromising on durability and quality. With its stunning colorways and design, it’s cookware you’ll want to display. In fact, the brand makes that possible by providing storage and organization accessories as well.

Caraway’s cookware sets and bakeware include all the essentials you’ll need for your kitchen adventures without the clutter. The brand also recently came out with its line called Prepware, which includes a set of cutting boards, kitchen knives, and utensils; the necessities you need for every and any dish. Similarly to the rest of the brand’s collection, this line also comes with accompanying storage and organization solutions. I put it to the test to see if it’s really worth it.

What I Like About Caraway’s Prepware:

For starters, everything is so stylish; from Caraway, that’s expected. I opted to go for the charcoal colorway, but it also comes in several other bright and aesthetically pleasing colors that match the core cookware collection. Before this set, I liked to keep my countertops minimalistic and spacious, but these are just too pretty to hide away.

I really appreciated how the the Cutting Board Set ($185, originally $245) comes with three different sizes, so that I don’t have to pull out and wash a massive board when I just need to cut one apple or slice up some ginger. I like that these are thick and have indents for collecting scraps, already cut pieces, and excess juice. I also love how knives don’t easily cut through or score the wood. I’ve used these cutting boards almost every day for two weeks, and there are minimal scratches.

The Prep Set ($395, originally $545), meanwhile, is a minimalist’s dream that will last you for years to come. The knives can slice and dice to your heart’s desire. I can easily cut bagels seamlessly in half with the bread knife, while I can chop up tomatoes and get the thinnest slices of cucumber with the chef’s knife and the prep knife. The handles provide ergonomic support so the knives can do most of the work, while you just guide them along. The utensils are some of the best I’ve used, and no matter how much I use them, they still look band-spanking new, even with turmeric. The scraper and the spatula have a slight slope so you can easily slip underneath eggs or pancakes to flip them. The spoons are deep enough to scoop up broths, sauces, and, of course, pastas and noodles. I also appreciate how this set comes with a pair of tongs that can lock themselves.

The storage solutions provided for the knives, utensils, and cutting boards go the extra mile — not only for functionality, but for quality as well. Each holder has nonslip padding on the bottom, so everything stays in place no matter what’s going on in the kitchen. These organizers are highly durable, too, and are built to house all your cooking tools, not just the ones provided. Pieces like these can easily cost around $50.

What’s Worth Noting About Caraway’s Prepware:

Caraway’s Prepware is no joke when it comes to quality, whether it’s the nontoxic durable materials used or the stylish design. However, they are on the heavier side and might be difficult to move around in your kitchen. I recommend finding the prepware a semipermanent and convenient home in your kitchen so you don’t need to constantly shift the slip-resistant organizers.

For the cutting boards, it is best to handwash them with gentle soap and let them air dry completely upright before storing them. You can also use fresh lemon juice and kosher salt to disinfect. It’s normal for the boards to warp and crack as the wood expands and contracts, and with more use, you’ll get a unique patina that will give your cutting boards a vintage edge. You can also extend the life of these cutting boards by treating them with a mineral oil once a month, letting them sit for a few hours before wiping dry with a gentle cloth.

For the Prep set, handwashing with a gentle soap is all you need to keep things clean. The utensils and other wooden elements are already pretreated, so make sure that they are dried completely and stored upright. Keep your knives in mint condition by avoiding dulling surfaces like marble, granite, tile, porcelain, stainless-steel countertops, and glass. If you want your knives to avoid patina from acidic foods, the brand recommends rinsing the knives under water after several chops. You can also keep them shiny by rubbing them with white vinegar and lemon juice. With any knife, you should also sharpen them once in a while, and to prevent dulling, use the backside of the knife to scrape food off the cutting board.

Who’s the Caraway Prepware Best For?

Caraway’s line of prepware is best for everyone and anyone who loves to cook. Whether you’re a beginner who wants to start with a long-lasting quality set or a regular cook who’s looking to expand their collection, this set is not only a functional necessity for the kitchen but also something display-worthy.

Additional Details:

  • The Cutting Board Set comes with a large, medium, and small FSC-certified birchwood board finished with food-safe mineral oil and wax, and a storage organizer.
  • The Prep Set comes with five FSC-certified birchwood cooking utensils (spoon, server, scraper, spatula, and tongs), four knives (chef’s knife, prep knife, pairing knife, and bread knife), kitchen shears, and storage organizers for display.
  • The knives and shears are made from premium German steel blades with a Rockwell hardness of 85+.
  • Both sets are made with nontoxic and eco-friendly materials, free from plastics and BPA.
  • The Prep Set is available in six colorways: cream, navy, gray, mist, perracotta, and charcoal.

Where Is Caraway’s Prepware Available?

The Caraway Prepware line, including the Cutting Board Set and the Prep Set, is available on the brand’s site. You can also get the Ready, Set, Prep Bundle ($825, originally $1,095), which comes with the three cutting boards, the Prep Set, and the brand’s stylish Food Storage set.