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Ramaswamy launches petition to fire RNC’s McDaniel

Reported by Washington Times:

Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy started a petition Wednesday calling for the ouster of Ronna McDaniel as chairwoman of the Republican National Committee.

Mr. Ramaswamy unveiled a week after he opened his remarks in the third GOP presidential debate by demanding Ms. McDaniel resign following disappointing elections in Kentucky, Ohio and Virginia.

“I am sick and tired of this Republican establishment that has made us a party of losers. Where is the accountability for years of losing: 2018, 2020, 2022 and now 2023,” Mr. Ramaswamy said in a statement. “On the debate stage, I called on Ronna Romney McDaniel to resign.

“Now I’m asking grassroots conservatives across the nation to join me so she can feel the power of the people. It’s time to stop the culture of surrender and losing. Resign, Ronna!”

Mr. Ramaswamy’s demand has unearthed lingering dissatisfaction with Ms. McDaniel, who has helmed the RNC since President Donald Trump tapped her for the job in 2017.

For her part, Ms. McDaniel has said Republican voters have grown tired of the “circular firing squad within the party” and said the RNC is a turnout organization that does not control candidate messaging.

She has highlighted the Republicans’ takeover of the House as proof of the RNC’s success on her watch.

The Washington Times asked the RNC for comment.

Source:Washington Times