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28 Space-Saving Furniture Pieces Everyone With a Small Bedroom Should Own

Reported by POPSUGAR:

Growing up in the suburbs, I was lucky enough to have a large bedroom with a large closet. Once I moved out on my own into the city, the bedroom and closet sizes were shocking to me. In order to make it work, I relied on space-saving furniture pieces that offered me so much extra storage. Finding the right choices wasn’t easy though, so if you’re also on the hunt, I’m here to save you time.

Ahead, you’ll find 28 useful and stylish bedroom furniture pieces totally worth every penny. Not only do these offer extra space to put your stuff in, but some of them are compact and great for small rooms. From beds with storage to ottomans with secret compartments, no doubt you’ll get good use out of these picks. Keep reading to shop them all.



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