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Russell Stover’s Cinnamon Sugar Churro Marshmallow Egg Is QUITE a Sight to Behold

Reported by POPSUGAR:

You might think there are only a few ways to present a chocolate marshmallow egg, but Russell Stover’s creativity knows no bounds. This year, there’s a new Cinnamon Sugar Churro Egg joining the lineup of other out-there egg flavors, and honestly, it sounds delicious. In each individually wrapped piece of candy sits a cinnamon sugar churro-flavored marshmallow “with real cinnamon” (sweet!) surrounded by a candy coating. The egg was introduced last month and shoppers have since spotted it at a variety of stores, including Walgreens and CVS. Fluffy marshmallow filling oozes out of each one, and there’s a whole lot of it in every bite. If you forever crave churros, see what you can expect from this limited-edition Russell Stover gem ahead.



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